Applied Research


In Sibiu, the first team to participate at the international RoboCup competition was accomplished by Sibiu Team, a robot team developed by the software company ROPARDO (Wittmann & Partner Computer Systems), the only private company in Romania involved in research activities, and participating at RoboCup. ROPARDO has been involved in the RoboCup research project starting with 1999, when it participated, together with “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu at the final phase of the Stockholm edition, the following year being qualified for the 2000 edition, at Melbourne, in Australia. This year, our company is at the third year participation. Starting with 2001, ROPARDO got involved in the competition, introducing BS – Eng. Sebastian Marian in this area. Sebastian Marian is the founder of the OXSY (Oxygen Systems) team that took part at the competition in 2003 at Padua, Italy, being classified on the first place in the group phase (the system is similar with the one used in the world soccer championship) and in 2004 at Lisbon, in Portugal, being classified on the 11th place in the “Simulation Soccer League” category. Starting with this year, OXSY team has re-started the collaboration with ROPARDO , together with who they will continue the research activity in this area. In order for a team to actually perform a robot soccer game, various technologies must be incorporated, such as: designing principles of autonomous agents, multi-agent collaboration, strategy acquisition, real-time reasoning, robotics, and sensor-fusion.

Key project parameters

Start Date: 1999

End Date: 2005

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