18 Jun
ArdoCARE Qualified for Bits&Pretzels class of 2018

ArdoCARE has been admitted to this year’s Bits&Pretzels class of start-ups graduating on Sep 30-Oct2 2018 in Munich. ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data trying to get its benefits implemented to as many …continue reading

8 Jun
ROHEALTH at the Business Festival for Innovation and Digitization in Hannover

With over 5 years invested in the eHealth area, ROPARDO brings out ROHEALTH – newest customizable platform for medical data integration. ROHEALTH components align closely to CEBIT 2018 as a “business festival for innovation and digitization” as named by Oliver …continue reading

18 May
ROPARDO in Final Stage of European Business Competition

ROPARDO – Software Engineering has been named ‘National Winner’ in the 2017-18 European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition, sponsored by RSM. Our company will now go on to represent Romania in the final stage of the competition on May …continue reading

10 May
Shaping the future with e-health solutions @ CeBIT Australia

Australia here we come! We’re proud and excited to announce that ROPARDO will participate at CeBIT Australia 2018, the premier business technology event across Asia Pacific. As an innovation driven company, at ROPARDO we make “solutions for the future”. Our …continue reading

15 Jan
#SolutionsForTheFuture @ MWC18

MWC18 statement of creating a better future fully overlaps our vision to provide customers with Solutions for the Future using best software engineering services that ensure the competitive advantage for the next decade. How we do it? By mastering most …continue reading

25 Sep
Artificial Intelligence Demonstrated by ROPARDO at Researcher’s Night

This year participation to the European event ‘Researchers’ Night’ gives us the occasion to make the large public familiar to the Artificial Intelligence concept and test field applications developed by Ropardo Research & Innovation Center. We are proud to mention …continue reading

1 Sep
Advanced software systems for the US midsize enterprise market

If it’s fall, we are attending the Midsize Enterprise Summit on September 17-19 in San Antonio, Texas. We’ll take with us our broad expertise in developing advanced software systems for exceptional experiences and showcase it to executives in search of …continue reading

27 Feb
ROPARDO is part of the top digital league @ CeBit 2017

Ropardo agenda for March 20 – 24 is booked for the CeBit event in Hannover, Germany. We are preparing show cases of innovative digital systems that enable companies cope with the dynamics resulting from the drive to reduce costs and …continue reading

24 Feb
High Performance Computing Platform Developed by Ropardo

We are constantly interested in latest technology advancements and innovative best practices. Good solutions can only be built with well-defined, solid processes. Ropardo Research and Innovation Center’s work is focused on the implementation of High-Performance Computing platform for the Simulation …continue reading

6 Jan
Good to Go for MWC17!

Ropardo participates this year at the 4th edition out of the 9 Mobile World Congresses. Mobile goes with everything. It’s elemental, if you want. Yet it remains revolutionary in that it is ever-adaptable. ROPARDO has the tools and the competences …continue reading

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