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How many interviews have you been through being asked for experience as one of the main selection criterion? Ropardo does things differently and looks for passionate players in a team where they can learn and experiment, so that we achieve together. We have an entire culture built around shaping reliable professionals choosing from young graduates or students in the final years of study.


  • a technical and skill-oriented training
  • designed for fresh graduates or students in the final years of study
  • flexible schedule, adapted to your school program
  • run on 6 months
  • built on 2-week sessions, multiple technical tests, and final evaluation
  • involving in real projects next to an experienced team
  • possibility to access a junior level full-time job at the end of the training


  • TO improve your software development expertise in various phases like design, development, implementation or testing;
  • TO enrich and consolidate the knowledge accumulated during university classes with notions and abilities actually required when working in the software industry;
  • TO get used to working in a team and TO gain practical skills so that you will be able to meet the requirements and deadlines of real projects.


  • The curriculum includes various core subjects such as:
  • Code Styling, Sorting and Searching Algorithms, Data structures – Lists, Trees, Graphs;
  • Object Oriented Programming, HTML/CSS/JavaScript; SQL & database;
  • Specific trainings in your field of interest (.NET, JAVA, PHP, Android, iOS);
  • Soft skills trainings (UML, Project Management)
  • Our trainers are part of the team, directly involved in the projects; they are experienced professionals, communicative, open-minded, and willing to share their know-how and shape a reliable member of the team.



  • some IT background;
  • ideally, some competencies in any of the following fields: C#, Java, PHP, iOS, Android;
  • passion for technology;
  • wish to learn;
  • analytical thinking;
  • team player;
  • good communication skills;
  • fluency in English (German and/or French are a plus).


  • paid training;
  • some hours of theory;
  • many more hours of practice;
  • Ropardo trainers “know how” – senior experienced professionals, involved in training preparation, teaching and assistance;
  • support in building Web and Desktop Applications
  • challenge in finding solutions to solve real problems
  • access to the best technology resources (our engineers know-how)
  • the chance to join our team, in a permanent job, at the end of training session.

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