Ropardo Academy Software Development Learning Program


What is Ropardo Academy


Your green card in a competitive field

How many times have you been asked about your experience during interviews? Now you can achieve your goals, and you can do it with Ropardo Academy.

If you are a young talent or if you want to switch your field, expand your know how and your abilities, we have the perfect opportunity laid out for you. And it doesn’t involve years and years of experience.

  • 10+ generations of Ropardo Academy
  • over 60% of graduates are still part of the team and advanced in an IT rewarding career
  • 10+ major programming languages
  • a technical and skill orientated training
  • designed for fresh graduates, final year students or simply IT passionates
  • flexible schedule, adapted to your school program
  • runs for 6 months

With Ropardo Academy we have created a challenging context for young graduates, students or people who want to achieve more, to learn and experiment during hands-on training.

Our trainers are part of the team, directly involved in the projects; they are experienced professionals, communicative, open-minded, and willing to share their know-how and shape a reliable member of the team.


How it works


You do your part…

And that means you’ll show us some IT background or what you used to do before. Ideally, we’ll want to see :

  • some competencies in C#, Java, PHP, iOS, Android
  • passion for technology and a keen wish to learn
  • analytical thinking
  • good communication skills
  • fluency in English
  • German and/or French are a plus


Ropardo Academy Software Development Training



Software Development Training Sibiu

…We’ll do ours!

Ropardo Academy brings to the table:

  • paid training
  • some hours of theory & much more hours of practice
  • access to Ropardo trainers’ “know-how”: senior experienced professionals, involved in training preparation, teaching and assistance
  • challenges for you to find solutions to solve real problems
  • support in building web and desktop applications
  • access to best technology resources – our engineers’ know-how
  • a real chance to join our team, in a permanent job, at the end of the training

Should you apply?

If you are really passionate about making IT big in the software development field, we encourage you to apply.


How to apply?


Pick your fit job and join our team of innovative thinkers

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