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With our custom mobile application development services, we facilitate your business continuity and help extend the reach of your activities outside the office, and keep you close to your staff and customers.

What your team did for us was more than just develop a mobile application. They helped us have our mission covered, by flawlessly mastering mobile technologies: Android, iOS or AWS Web-Services and PHP. Dedicated team delivered rapid results at high quality.

Customer specialized in real estate


Types of Mobile Applications

Mobilize your clients’ way to your business or ensure efficient communication of your employees with the mobile applications we develop:

Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications

We build and deploy mobile applications for a specific platform, such as iOS or Android, using a platform-specific software development kit (SDK). Native mobile applications offer fast performance and access to native-device services.
Multiplatform Mobile Applications

Multiplatform mobile applications

We develop multiplatform mobile applications with web and mobile technologies (iOS, Android, Ionic, Xamarin, React Native) and hybrid application frameworks, like Cordova to develop and target multiple mobile platforms with a single codebase.

Full-range Mobile Application Development Services

We employ in-house development resources to provide full support in consulting, developing and maintaining custom mobile applications, suitable for each and every customer to mobilize businesses.

We come with hands-on experience in business and industry specifics and provide competent mobile consulting services with all-around assessment and analysis so that your mobile applications deliver results.

Full-range Mobile Application Development Services  

Our dedicated mobile development team builds for you custom mobile applications that perform as expected. We are committed to providing the best mobile solutions, bridging the WWW with the Mobile Application World.

We provide Testing and QA services to ensure performant, secure and reliable mobile applications that safeguard your competitive advantages. Our certified testing and QA teams are ready to perform mobile application testing suitable for your business ambitions.

Technology skill set

  • Android Development
  • IOS Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Development
  • JavaScript Development
  • CSS3 Development
  • Ionic Development
  • React Development
  • Xamarin Development

Continuous technological advancements

We make sure to use the right mix of future-proof technologies, solid but leading-edge to create scalable software apps for your business. Together we decide on the choice of tools to build your applications.

Check Ropardo full tech expertise
Ropardo Full Technological Expertise

How we succeed

Innovation. Quality. Timely delivery. since 1994



B2B Mobile Commerce Application

Extend accessibility of your eCommerce web platform to gain customer retention and new sales opportunities.


Sales Force Automation for Bakeries

iMD integrates all the operations in the production, sales and distribution departments and delivers reports for management strategy.


API Development for Treasure Hunt Game App

The mobile application identifies in real time all users connected to access points in the site and pushes bonus points for them to “hunt” in the 200 shops and entertainment locations on the mall.


Beacon Distress

Mobile application to prevent health issues: detects life-threatening situations and sends alerts to a list of contacts


Health Awareness Mobile Apps

Complex software development of a series of web and mobile applications that serve to enhance healthcare awareness among children and young adults.


Healthy Ageing Coach

Coach able to understand seniors’ needs, preferences and moods. It proposes customized activities and services based on seniors’ personality, environment and health status.


Mobile apps to enhance healthcare awareness

Ropardo Research and Innovation Center is making quick steps to launch new mobile apps to enhance healthcare awareness among children and young adults.


Mobile application for Robo-Mate

ROPARDO is developing a mobile application to be integrated with the exoskeleton and Epson’s Moverio Smart Glasses.


iMobile Apps

We know what you need: quality software development combined with proven experience in solution implementation.


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