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The right CMS is always the one that can be adjusted as your business grows. We help you build web solutions with highly scalable and effective platforms to achieve your objectives as a small local business, an e-commerce store or a well-established enterprise.

We appreciate the work and support invested in our recruiting platform. You really freshened up not only our web platform but also our daily work processes. My colleagues are delighted for being able to work from their own accounts and start using features that respond to current challenges.

M. B., Managing Partner Job Connect


Custom CMS Development and Maintenance

With an increased demand for content driven Internet / Intranet web solutions, custom CMS development is essential for you to ensure access to your products or services. ROPARDO has expertise in multiple CMS platforms, with a focus on integrating and consolidating different information sources within the organization.

Also, our web support teams are always happy to do CMS maintenance, troubleshooting and improvement craft on your web platform.


Content Management Systems

Ropardo works with reliable Content Management Systems to build the custom web solutions that meets your needs. We are currently using CMS solutions like WordPress, Liferay, Drupal, for their solid foundation, the permanent investment in updates and a generous support community.



Open source, capable Content Management System

A PHP and MySQL based platform, WordPress is built on a plugin architecture and a template system that make it the most used platform for websites that range from simple blogs to complex e-commerce stores. Our WordPress development solutions, conducted by a professional team with solid tech know-how, guarantee an appealing user experience and quality up time even in heavy traffic.

Liferay_Development_servicesLiferay DXP

Forefront open source platform to build reliable enterprise and web portals

We choose Liferay Digital Experience Platform for its flexible and robust foundation and over 60 built-in portlets that ensure self-evident value. Ropardo delivers worldwide end-to-end Liferay development services, including, Liferay customization, Liferay theme development, Liferay portlet development, Liferay upgrade and Liferay migration. With Liferay DXP we create personalized user experience in your portal.


Build intelligent, mission-critical applications

Drupal is a PHP/MySQL based open source CMS widely chosen for its modular features that are helpful in uploading customized content on dynamic web solutions. Drupal runs on various OS and environments giving websites additional flexibility and stability. ROPARDO web developers have solid experience in building and customizing dynamic web applications with Drupal to serve unique business needs.

How we succeed

Innovation. Quality. Timely delivery. since 1994



Document Management Application

Everything in a collaborative workspace for teams and organizations


Intranet Application for Remote Team Work

Intranet application for remote team work harmonized with in-office activities


Handy App for Smart Real-Estating

“In the Real Estate business perfect timing with the clients’ needs is essential. This is exactly what the application you developed did for us.”


Enhanced Recruitment with Smart Web Platform

Digitalized recruiting processes ensure successful matches between talents and companies worldwide


Workforce management app

This digital solution helps save enormous amount of time with administration and invoicing.


Real Estate Simulator App

3-in-1 modular app: light SPA with its peer mobile apps, both backed up by solid server side.


WordPress 5.0 Update – Block-based editor – Pros and Cons

The new version of WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” brings some major upgrades to the editor.


HTML5 eLearning tools review

Create interactive courses without the need of another framework to run on


Display custom language switcher

A method to display a custom language switcher in the desired position in menu when using WPML plugin for WordPress


Web & Enterprise Portal Development

Leverage the power of real-time collaboration with one-stop portal development solutions.


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