Applied Research


Custom Software Services


Investment for technology startups and a route to market for established technologies

We come with a broad practical experience and a strong will to launch the solutions developed successfully on the market.


Start-up activities have increased significantly over the last few years and we support them with a particularly start-off friendly environment. Currently, multiple start-up initiatives are under way at Ropardo.

You can be one of the next start-up in its way to success by taking advantage of our competencies:

Intranet_DevelopmentKnow-how and technology transfer

Know-how and technological expertise are not assets to be transferred on paper or via data media, devices or machines. This only works from one mind to another through direct collaboration and exchange of information and understanding. To ensure this, we provide you with support every step of the way.

At ROPARDO, we offer more than just documents or procedures. We specialize in training courses, hands-on, ensure support and assistance tailored to your needs, as well as expansion and development.

Dedicated TeamsInvestment network

Our program partners and collaborates with the venture community to mitigate the risk of their investments by providing product development and go to market expertise.

Since there is a high number of ongoing start-up activities at ROPARDO ROPARDO often gets start-up teams collaborating with external partners. Both parties benefit by putting together their technological expertise, market and application knowledge. This way we take the best out of both sides.

Transparent CostsIncubation and acceleration

We source, qualify, invest and help scale startups.

You have full access to Ropardo Rapid Innovation Lab (RIL) that provides support from innovation via prototyping and evaluation to further implementation into a concrete product.

As well as access to the resources of mentoring, counseling, coaching, consulting and whatever you want to call it (human resources, service providers, information, connections, know-how) on the road from idea to success.


We search for next big ideas in the following areas:


How we succeed

Innovation. Quality.
Timely delivery. since 1994

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