Software project development processes



Ropardo engages in a transparent and fair collaboration
with customers from shaping the team that best suits
your project to ensuring security of your data.


Pillars for a reliable software development process

Our organization takes care of all the business activities. For this we make sure we have reliable development processes in place, modern infrastructure, performance and integrity criteria, technical and managerial skills, team spirit and excellence-oriented organizational culture.

Agile software developmentAgile Project Management

Working with SCRUM ensures key advantages such as speed to market, fast reaction to change, cost and risk management. Involving the user in the development process provides excellent visibility for main stakeholders and creates much better engagement and customer satisfaction.
About Agility in software development

Dedicated TeamsTeam Management

Our flexibility allows us to configure the right team for you, be it dedicated or shared or increase it when needed. We make sure the engineers we allocate for your software project speak your language, know your industry, understand your IT transformative and security musts.

About team management

Quality assuranceQuality Assurance

We ensure Quality Assurance at process and project level. We conduct all activities according to project management methodologies and the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) principle. Quality of our software is endorsed by ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Beside meeting standards, you can always count on us for going that extra mile to meet your needs and expectations.





AutomationAutomated processes

Digitized processes enable real time tracking of metrics, SLA compliance, and increased efficiency enabled by the methodologies used in project management. This provides: visibility, full control and real time information on processes and deliverables.

Security guaranteeSecurity guarantee

Security and confidentiality of client data is of key importance to us. For this, we comply to a well-defined IP and Data Security policy build on the ISO 27001 Information security management system.

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Operational support
Operational support

We ensure reliable operational support based on strong procedures well-defined procedures, processes and skilled people. Core management team is closely involved, seeing to the well going of processes in line with the company vision.
Our operational support model in details


Software Development Process



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