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Core beliefs of Ropardo

We believe in people making a difference in the world through technological development. Our vision of creating solutions for the future is what defines us as an innovative organisation while our well-grounded beliefs keep us strong.


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Social responsibility

Since we are inevitably dependent on the community which we perform our activities in, we have understood the importance of giving something in return by contributing to its lasting and sustainable development. Animated by the desire of being more than just a simple actor in the business environment, we assumed additional responsibilities in the social and community development areas.

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Software International Work Standard


We are aware that we have a duty towards society, people and environment. In order to bring our contribution to a lasting and sustainable development, we aligned our processes to internationally recognized work stadards.

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GDPR Ready

ROPARDO is a GDPR ready software development company. This means we have the tools and processes in place to deliver GDPR compliant customized software solutions and services, whether we build a solution from the ground, migrate an existent product to a new platform or re-engineer an existing solution using modern technology.

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