Health Data Integration Platform



We respond to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare, providing a personalized ready-to-use
software platform to help you build health awareness applications.

For the surgeon to have his or her mind fully in the operating room, all the pre-surgery preparatory phases have to work smoothly following a clean and clear therapeutic route. This is where software engineering services from Ropardo crossed roads with the cardiovascular medical field. Their solution is a decision support system, patient monitoring system and a collaborative tool for our medical team. All in one place, secure and very innovative in its handiness and user-friendliness.

Director of NextCARDIO Center of Cardiovascular Diseases


RoHealth – Powerful, Customizable Data Integration Platform

With RoHealth, we put our software engineering expertise in the service of digital health systems keeping their main beneficiaries in mind:



European Business Awards and RSM named ROHEALTH the Romanian National Winner as the digital transformation solution for healthcare industry.


Products powered by RoHealth platform

Ropardo innovation and development center revolutionizes the way we interact with each other and the world around us through integrated communication. RoHealth is an IoT platform that puts together an amazingly rich range of mobile and web apps, devices, cloud services, wearables, people and professionals.

ZivaCare - data integration softwareZivaCare – Data integration module that connects health data aggregators and help build healthcare applications meant to raise awareness by reading users’ data from any smart/wearable device.

robofuse-logo-blue_tinyRoboFuse – Data collection system that helps manage and control smart devices, use insights from collected data and secure business assets

ArdoCare - hospital softwareArdoCare – Modern EHR & HIS to help manage the activity of running a hospital. A system that is easy to use by clinicians and administrators, easy to setup, install and upgrade. All in the benefit of patients.


How we succeed

Innovation. Quality.
Timely delivery. since 1994



Patient paper records are history

ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable Electronic Medical Record solution ensuring digital management of health data.


Empowering Healthy Ageing Coach

Nestore is an innovative personalised coaching system to support healthy, independent ageing


Health Awareness Mobile Apps

Complex software development of a series of web and mobile applications that serve to enhance healthcare awareness among children and young adults.


IoT for a Balanced Lifestyle

In this article we will tackle IoT as a resource that comes very handy to most of us to improve our health and quality of everyday life at a personal level.


Rohealth – Healthcare Digital Services

Rohealth brings together forces: software development, industry know-how, national health system, healthcare providers, and moves things.


User-Centric Health Integration Platform

eHealth is an area of expertise for Ropardo R&I Center having successfully developed a series of platforms to serve health purposes in various life areas: work, physical activities, fun.


RoHealth Data Integration Platform

Powerful, customizable dedicated data integration platform for healthcare data integration


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