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First and foremost, we immerse ourselves in understanding your distinct needs. From there, we go through every single phase of crafting and integrating IT solutions tailored to achieve your business goals.


Our software consulting services meet your technology needs

To navigate the high-speed digital transformations happening nowadays and maximize the impact of this digitalization for your organization, you need a mature technology consultant with whom you speak the same language. Our IT consulting experts keep your business goals in mind and support you in making reliable decisions so that you can go ahead of the competition with the digital solutions envisioned and built for your unique organization.

Here is where our software consulting services meet your technology needs:



We only work, and so will you, with experienced software and business consultants with technical background and broad process and industry know-how that firmly keep in mind your business outcomes.

With 50% seniors in its line-up, our IT consulting team makes your encounter with technology pleasant and valuable. You will understand what digital solution best serves your needs, how it is advisable to develop and implement it in your organization for sustainable results and to fit naturally into your business growth strategy.




Requirements management refers to understanding the results you want to achieve with the software to be developed and defining the exact demands from it. We work that out through constant communication between the project team members, stakeholders, and end users.

Our offer
  • Competency in the field of requirements management and engineering
  • Capturing all details
  • Object oriented analyses via Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Use of proven development methods for requirements definition
  • Adjustment to requirement changes throughout the course of the project
Your Benefit
  • Requirements are systematically identified, analyzed, defined and evaluated
  • Use cases are defined with end users
  • Actionable, measurable, testable requirements, related to the business needs identified
  • Requirements are tested and validated, and delivered in a ready-for-implementation state



Once requirements are formalized, the development process starts only after the system analysis, a phase that focuses on mapping the features, duplication and integration of the new systems with existing ones.

Our offer
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Identify your business processes (UML) on the IT system map
  • Design target solution, modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements
  • We find best solutions without selling any specific technology (vendor-neutral)
Your Benefit
  • A map of the entire IT system, characteristics and application relationships
  • Cost analysis, design considerations, and implementation of timelines outlined by our interdisciplinary team
  • Are aware of the potential and limitations of integrating new and existing systems
  • Training and support for your users



In today’s landscape, IT systems are intricate and vital to business operations. It’s crucial to pinpoint and control risks throughout every project phase. With mature risk management services, we make sure risks are detected, tracked, and addressed promptly at each project milestone.

Our offer
  • Identification of potential risks and threats
  • Assessment of individual and global risks
  • Creating and maintaining risk maps and logs
Your Benefit
  • A clear picture of the exact situation based on a structured risk map and statistics
  • Protected investment, rolled back costs, and leveraged opportunities
  • Maximum reduction of the negative impact of risks



Successful custom software is mainly about technology choice but also about the processes involved. Process optimization activities are a must in every project that delivers sustainable results and quality.

Our offer
  • Conduct process analyses and build roadmaps
  • Identification of key performance indicators
  • Collaborative setting of objectives
  • Develop and test new processes
  • Simulate and evaluate new processes
  • Ensure process analytics and identify areas for potential improvement
Your Benefit
  • The right input for your customized software
  • Avoidance of unnecessary development costs
  • Opportunities identified early and integrated into final solution with minimal costs



Flexible SLAsEasy start on flexible SLAs

Decide what parts of your IT ecosystem management we cover (Level 2 and or Level 3), define support parameters, transfer knowledge to support specialist and we start executing SLAs.

Dedicated TeamsChoose your team

We have the capacity to configure the right team for you, be it dedicated or shared. The team members will speak your language, know your industry, understand your IT transformative and secured needs.

Transparent CostsTransparent costs

You pay exactly what we agreed on in the scope of services while benefiting from a long-term planning security. Also, with customized SLAs you are in control of the costs at all times.


Round-the-clock SupportRound the clock support

In line with the SLA, you can rely on qualified contacts that speak your language, as well as on reliable IT operations up to 24/7.

AutomationAutomation is efficiency

The more we automate the less the repetitive work and the higher the standards. With automation we guarantee reproducibility and reduce the error rate.

Certified ServicesCertified services

We work by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified processes to guarantee you with best quality managed services.
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