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Requirements management

Requirements management involves communication between the project team members and stakeholders, and adjustment to requirements changes throughout the course of the project.


We Know
  • Highly experienced software and business consultants
  • Competency in the field of requirements management / engineering
  • All details are captured through constant communication among members of the development team, stakeholders and users
  • Object oriented analyses via Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Use of proven development methods for requirements definition
Your Benefit
  • Business process outcomes are taken into account
  • Requirements are systematically identified, analyzed, defined and evaluated
  • Use cases are defined with end users
  • Requirements are actionable, measurable, testable, related to identified business needs
  • Ready for implementation requirements, tested and validated.
System analysis

Once requirements are formalized development process can’t start only after system analysis, process that focus on features, duplication and integration new systems with existing ones.


We Know
  • Create a map of the entire IT system, characteristics and application relationships
  • Identify your business processes (UML) on the IT system map
  • Conduct analysis of the current situation
  • Design target solution, modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements
  • Provide training and support to users
Your Benefit
  • Experienced consultants with broad know-how
  • Your specific goal is on our focus – we find best solution without selling any specific technology (vendor-neutral)
  • Extensive technical skills ensure the understanding of the potential and limitations of integrating new and existing systems
  • Cost analysis, design considerations, and implementation time-lines outlined by our interdisciplinary team
Risk analysis

Today IT systems are complex and critical for our business. Risk must be identified and managed during all project phases. We are providing risk services that allow identifying, monitoring and taking right decision early on each stage of project.


We Know
  • Identification of potential risks and threats
  • Assessment of individual risks and global risk
  • Creating and maintaining risk map and logs
  • Maximizing the reduction of the negative effects of risks
Your Benefit
  • Experienced IT consultants with broad know-how keeping the big picture firmly in mind
  • Maintaining structured risk map and statistics thus providing a clear picture of actual situation
  • Effective measures aimed at protecting your investment, rolling back costs, and leveraging opportunities
Process optimization

Success of customized software is not only a matter of technology is also about quality and processes involved. Process optimizations activities are needed for each project that requires sustainable results.


We Know
  • Develop process analyses and roadmaps
  • Identification of key performance indicators ( KPIs)
  • Collaborative setting of objectives
  • Develop and test new processes
  • Simulate and evaluate new processes
  • Analyze process analytics and identify areas for potential process improvement
Your Benefit
  • Experienced IT consultants with broad know-how – technical background plus process know-how
  • Right input for your customized software
  • Avoidance of unnecessary development costs
  • Opportunities are identified early and integrated into final solution with minimal costs

Requirements management

System analysis

Risk analysis

Process optimization


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