You Change

Reflects our core belief of innovation which we hold close to our heart to provide solutions.
This in turn makes us part of the pioneers who reset the world and Keep IT Simple.




Bearing people in mind, the company culture is shaped based on the values of collaboration and a creative work style. We act in a friendly environment in which we put people first, we enable worldwide exposure so that you can live up to your fullest potential and we make sure we all embrace a win-win attitude.



To stay connected to this ever-changing world it is an imperative to be involved in research. As part of the Ropardo team, you can create revolutionary and innovative software within European projects whose aim is the same as ours –reset the world in its benefit.



Last but not least, we have merged our previous concept of ”Learn. Experiment. Achieve” and remained committed to shaping future generations of innovators through our Ropardo Academy training program.



Our Brilliant Team

While throwing an open invitation at those who think can fit in our culture and take part to our mission to create great things, we are thankful to those who already make the change possible by taking software beyond borders – our brilliant team!


This is how, in a fast-paced world, innovators like you and us get to change it. And this is why ‘You change’ is all about you.
We believe that each of the employees, the ones that are already here and the ones to come, play their part in this story and write software that Keep IT Simple!



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