Ropardo has distinct teams specialized in all cutting-edge programming languages. Once the core functionality and purpose of the application are set, we decide together on the most convenient one to code in.

We shape up specialized technology teams to address specific needs of your project. Further on, our teams work together to build your custom solution. The result? Improved efficiency of your businesses processes.

Claudiu Zgripcea, Technology Competence Center Manager


Popular programming languages

Our teams are prepared to deal with any challenging project by coding in resourceful programming languages.
In 20 years of experience, we have developed thousands of applications to automate processes in numerous industries: manufacturing, automotive, real estate, construction, logistics and others.


Java Programming LanguageJAVA

Start thinking big

With Java, we cover the development of the custom applications your business needs to grow. full life cycle software development is completed by an Agile mindset of a skillful team.

NET software development.NET

Time-effective and cost-competitive

Our expertise embeds all capabilities available with the .NET framework. We accelerate development by handling reusable frameworks, ready-to-integrate code, tools, methods, and best practices.


Competitive apps for lucrative business

PHP is our number one choice when developing feature-rich web solutions, user-friendly and highly functional, with a massive impact on users who will rapidly embrace your digital transformation.



Business capabilities at next level

With such a versatile programming language as JavaScript and our fine skills in web development, we create a wide range of software products, from web and server applications to mobile apps and websites, all rich in functionalities and highly user-oriented.


All-in-One everywhere

Our team has extended capabilities in Python programming to develop comprehensive web and cloud applications. We deliver to our clients quick results, value for money and return on investment.

open-source-programming-languagesOPEN SOURCE

We encourage business agile

Professionals at Ropardo know inside out both open-source and enterprise edition software. Together we decide which is best for your development project based on functional and technical requirements, time forecast, maintenance effort, and budget.


How we succeed

Innovation. Quality.
Timely delivery. since 1994



API Development for Treasure Hunt Game

Ingenious game app to prompt shoppers visit stores in a shopping center with a user-friendly and dynamic experience


Highly Complex Payroll Application – built with SQL development!

“After the implementation of the new application, our cost savings are significant.”


Patient paper records are history.

ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable Electronic Medical Record solution ensuring digital management of health data.


Collaboration Manager

ROPARDO collaborative platform maximizes productivity and supports both structured and ad hoc project related processes.


Conference Call Anytime Anywhere

Client application allowing to create instant or scheduled conference calls online.


Beacon Distress

Mobile application to prevent health issues: detects life-threatening situations and sends alerts to a list of contacts


PHP Development for remarkable solutions

We use the fast, flexible and pragmatic PHP to power everything from your presentation website or blog to complex web solutions.


Why Develop Your Application with Java

By far our favorite, Java is one of the most popular programming languages in use, for enterprise, web and mobile applications. Check out what we create with Java


Time-effective and Cost-competitive .NET Development

ROPARDO knows building effective .NET applications that requires mature object oriented design and enterprise class implementation skills.


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