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Internet-of-Things Development Platform

Connect and manage smart devices
Use insights from collected data
Secure business assets


Powerful, customizable data integration platform

RoHealth responds to a growing demand of digital services in healthcare. We engage digital technology as an excellent partner for transforming and improving the present healthcare industry.


Health data collection platform

Connect, track, share health data from any device, sensor and wearable. ZivaCare provides built in agents that import data automatically from multiple sources.


Hospital Management System

ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data.


Healthy Ageing Coach

Coach able to understand seniors’ needs, preferences and moods. It proposes customized activities and services based on seniors’ personality, environment and health status.


The 4th Industrial Revolution

The fundamental elements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution prove that a remodeling of our personal, social and business life will ultimately occur. But how ready are we to embrace these ongoing crucial changes?


On a Journey to the World-to-Be: Augmented Reality

In the recent years AR has carved its way from research and innovation labs to the market place mostly by being played with by top brands and companies. A legion of applications has emerged ...


How to Benefit from the Big Data Innovation

Business endeavor to be successful on the market is usually challenged by constant progress in software and system engineering: increasing system complexity...


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