Time Quality Budget in software development



Committed to vision, flexible in details

While offering wide flexibility in our business models, we lean on strong procedures that leave no place for comprise in software quality. It’s how we take your software development project on a journey from requirements to success.



To ensure a comfortable collaboration for customers scattered all over the world and shaped in their own business culture,
we propose various alternatives for delivering software services under our Time-Budget-Quality ethic.

Dedicated TeamsStaff Augmentation

Save money and ensure timely and successful deliverables by outsourcing the development of a software solution to ROPARDO Offshore Development Center or complementing an existing team with our dedicated software developers.


Extended technological knowhowDedicated Teams

Reliability, trust and flexibility in the same package. The customer is permanently in direct contact with us and benefits from a transparent workflow and flexible engagement contract.


Transparent CostsProject-based

Suitable for collaborations with precise beginnings and endings, it is also known as Fixed Price model. Requirements and project schedules are well-defined: what needs to be delivered, when, and with what costs, while several alternatives are being examined.






Flexible SLAsNearshore Development

We fill gaps in your in-house pool with entire or mixed dedicated teams of highly skilled software developers with solid domain knowledge and masters of present-day technologies and methodologies to guarantee quality and excellence of your projects.


Round-the-clock SupportTime and Material

Suitable for software projects whose duration and plans are not precisely defined from the beginning. At your request, we can provide effort estimation, project timeline, material/resource estimates and other vital figures to help you decide on financials.

Partner Portal DevelopmentStrategic Partnership

In the current rapidly changing technological environment coupled with a challenging economic environment, the strategic partnership model is the most suitable if you look for a longstanding provider in software development outsourcing to respond to your particular business needs and strategies. We enjoy credibility and will act as a valued partner on your side.



Ropardo ensures custom approaches per project and customer as well as a close interaction and transparent communication of all people involved in the project.



How we succeed

Innovation. Quality.
Timely delivery. since 1994


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