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Big or small, we design, build, test, and manage your software projects with excellence and efficiency.


Right team, right knowledge, right results

Whether you need a brand-new software product, a revamped solution or simply to solve a specific issue, we have the skills and expertise to deliver it. We offer end-to-end software development services, all customized per your needs and objectives. For this, we use the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure quality and performance.

We work with you from start to finish, guaranteeing your satisfaction and success, by covering the following:



Our software developers are experts across a wide range of architectures, technologies, platforms and devices including service-oriented architecture, open-source development, back-end development, front-end development, portal development & CMS, IoT development, Database programming, Cloud, Big Data, AI & DevOps technologies.

By mixing correctly the levels of tech and industry experience available, we always propose the optimal team structure to fulfill the needs of your project and offer quality and cost-efficient software development.

All our developers and project managers apply the best practices in software development and work according to Agile methodologies in the journey from your vision to the final product.




Early and careful architecture design greatly reduces the failure rates of software projects, which is why we assign this task to our most qualified and experienced team members.

Our offer
  • Senior software architects
  • Understanding of multiple industries and business domains
  • Experience in complex and time critical software projects
  • Expertise in software architecture / object oriented design (OOD)
  • Easy-to-understand deliverables
  • Proof of concepts
  • Functional requirements split into interacting components
Your Benefit
  • Rapid and efficient implementation of your specifications
  • Architecture solutions that provide optimal support for your business processes
  • Efficient collaboration and transparent communication with our team
  • Quality translated in efficiency, usability, modifiability, reliability, security of the software architecture



Our skilled professionals and the right choice of methodologies guarantee a software implementation process that deliver turnkey applications and opportunity for timely return of investments (ROI).

We are regularly involved in EU research and innovation projects which ensures a permanently renewed tech and process know-how, aligned with highest standards on the market

Our offer
  • Expertise in modern technologies, tools, methods and programming languages
  • Open solutions from technical point of view, including open source
  • Implementation and testing conducted in line with Agile methods
  • Tracking all issues and features through specialized tools like JIRA or iManagement
  • Specifications are 100% observed and implemented
Your Benefit
  • Modern solution that meets the highest quality standards and technologies
  • Specifications are implemented with practical results in mind
  • Clean source code
  • Optimized costs and risk mitigation
  • Flexibility and rapidness in dealing with changing demands
  • Shorter release cycles resulting in pieces of software that you can work with



QA and Testing approach is tailored to meet each project specific needs and environment. Methodologies we use are designed to prevent defects from occurring, thereby producing higher quality software, reducing costs, increasing speed to market, and improving end-user satisfaction.

Our offer
  • Experienced experts to monitor complex IT environments
  • Test automation as an integral part of the continuous build process
  • Unit tests, component tests, integration tests, performance tests, static analysis, GUI tests
Your Benefit
  • The testing processes are realized and tracked on the basis of well-documented, detailed test plans
  • Time savings and a project completed on schedule
  • Quality assurance throughout the project life cycle



Efficient project management is what any project needs, even more so when dealing with high complexity. Our competent project managers support you throughout the entire project lifecycle, from setting up and planning, to handling staff, risk, and change issues, and to ensuring the acceptance and successful go-live of your project.

From individual tasks to whole project management, our experts work closely with you to ensure optimal project management procedures in order to guarantee that the outcome is completed on time and on budget.

Our offer
  • Experience with various PM methods
  • Experience in the use of agile project management methods in conjunction with Scrum / RUP (incremental iterative) frameworks
  • Proactive project management based on clearly defined milestones, project plans and project reviews
  • Custom approaches per project and transparent communication
Your Benefit
  • Collaborative selection of the most suitable and advantageous method for your project
  • Transparency and agility
  • Correlation between business process and technical approach
  • Project completed on time and on budget



Flexible SLAsEasy start on flexible SLAs

Decide what parts of your IT ecosystem management we cover (Level 2 and or Level 3), define support parameters, transfer knowledge to support specialist and we start executing SLAs.

Dedicated TeamsChoose your team

We have the capacity to configure the right team for you, be it dedicated or shared. The team members will speak your language, know your industry, understand your IT transformative and secured needs.

Transparent CostsTransparent costs

You pay exactly what we agreed on in the scope of services while benefiting from a long-term planning security. Also, with customized SLAs you are in control of the costs at all times.


Round-the-clock SupportRound the clock support

In line with the SLA, you can rely on qualified contacts that speak your language, as well as on reliable IT operations up to 24/7.

AutomationAutomation is efficiency

The more we automate the less the repetitive work and the higher the standards. With automation we guarantee reproducibility and reduce the error rate.

Certified ServicesCertified services

We work by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified processes to guarantee you with best quality managed services.
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