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Software architecture design

Software architecture design – We give shape to your dreams!

Early and careful architecture design greatly reduces the failure rates of software projects – that’s why we assign this task to our most qualified and experienced employees.

The functional requirements for software system are split into a set of interacting components in the case of a good architecture design.


We Know
  • Qualified and experienced software architects
  • Understanding of a variety of industries and business domains
  • Experience in complex and time critical software projects
  • Expertise in software architecture / object oriented design (OOD).
  • Vendor independent position

  • Easy to understand deliverable – solutions are presented efficiently as well as a proof of concept
Your Benefit
  • Efficient and warm communication and collaboration with our experts
  • Work with experts who have an extensive track record
  • Rapid and efficient implementation of your specifications
  • Architecture solutions that provide optimal support for your business processes
  • Quality attributes – efficiency, usability, modifiability, reliability, security are implemented in software architecture

Software Implementation

Software implementation – right team, right knowledge, right results!

Our skilled professional and right methodologies offer software implementation process that deliver turnkey applications and opportunity for timely return of investments (ROI).


We Know
  • Expertise in all of today’s technologies, tools, methods and programming languages
  • Open solutions from technical view, including open source projects
  • Agile methods are used for implementation and testing
  • Our extensive research and development activities / projects give us position of technology provider
  • Tracking all issues and feature trough specialized tools – JIRA, iManagement, etc.
  • Efficient and warm communication and collaboration
Your Benefit
  • Modern solution that meets the highest quality standards and technologies
  • Specifications are implemented with realistic view for practical results
  • Final result and source code is clear, without any artificial “improvements”
  • Efficient cost model for software implementation
  • Your specifications are 100% complied with and implemented
  • Risk minimization and high quality

Software Test

Software test – Quality. Testing is more than just debugging.

QA and Testing approach is tailored to meet each project specific needs and environment.

Methodology is designed to prevent defects from occurring, thereby producing higher quality software, reducing costs, increasing speed to market, and improving end-user satisfaction.


We Know
  • Experienced experts for the monitoring complex IT environments
  • Test automation as an integral part of the continuous build process
  • Unit tests + Component tests + Integration tests + Performance tests + Static analysis + GUI tests
Your Benefit
  • The testing processes are realized and tracked on the basis of well-documented, detailed test plans
  • Saves time and ensures that the project is completed on schedule
  • Quality assurance throughout the project life cycle

Project Management

Project Management – On Time, On Budget!

Efficient project management is needed for any project and even more necessary when complexity is high.

Our experts in domain work closely with you to ensure optimal project management procedures in order to guarantee that outcome is completed on time and budget.


We Know
  • Experience with various PM methods, selecting right methods in accordance with your needs
  • Experience in the use of agile project management methods in conjunction with Scrum / RUP (incremental iterative) frameworks
  • Proactive project management based on clearly defined milestones, project plans and project reviews
Your Benefit
  • Collaborative selection of the method that is most suitable and advantageous for each project
  • Transparency and agility

  • Correlation between business process and technical approach
  • Project is completed on time and within budget

Software architecture design

Software Implementation

Software Test

Project Management


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