Our comprehensive technological expertise allows us to manage your complex or simple software development project with the right effort and minimum risk.

We shape up specialized technology teams to address specific needs of your project. Further on, our teams work together to build your custom solution. The result? Improved efficiency of your businesses processes.

Claudiu Zgripcea, Technology Competence Center Manager

Technology expertise and human touch

Technological expertise of our Agile teams is completed by their capabilities to adapt to your business and cultural specifics. Our open-door organization culture encourage critical thinking and innovative contribution of our software engineers which guarantees achievement of your unique business objectives.

Java Programming LanguageCODING LANGUAGES

We code in your project language

Ropardo has distinct teams specialized in all cutting-edge programming languages. Once the core functionality and purpose of the application are set, we decide together on the most convenient one to code in.

Main programming languages we use


Custom is better than best

With the right dosage of creative and technical know-how, we build and integrate intuitive web applications to help you run your business and gain competitive advantage.

Web apps built to serve business goals

Mobile App DevelopmentMOBILE DEVELOPMENT

Mobilize clients’ way to your business

We develop custom mobile apps to extend the reach of businesses outside the office, and keep you close to your staff and customers. We work with best-in-class native or hybrid development frameworks.

Full-range mobile development services

Artificial Intelligence DevelopmentDATABASES

Compatible with your business processes

Exponential growth of data challenges companies nowadays. We develop fast and secure data management solutions to help you streamline your workflows and confidently extend your business.

Complete database development services


Business capabilities at next level

Data storage and processing have become a cost-efficient necessity. Whatever your role in business, modern Cloud Computing technology can help you see new business opportunities and innovate faster.

Cloud solution development

Extended technological knowhowIOT DEVELOPMENT

For your competitive advantage

We help you leverage powerful Internet-of-Things capabilities to build smart business ecosystems and gain competitive advantage.

IoT development services

How we succeed

Innovation. Quality.
Timely delivery. since 1994


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