15 Oct

Brand-new Computer Lab Equipped for Students of Computers and Electric Engineering

The academic year 2018-2019 brings students in the Department of Computers and Electric Engineering of the Engineering Faculty within ”Lucian Blaga” University a newly equipped class room for them to be able to participate in laboratory classes in a pleasant ...continue reading

26 Jun

Ropardo Opens Summer Practice Application Session

We have opened the application session for Ropardo Summer Practice 2018, an internship program dedicated to ambitious students in computer science to enjoy a two-month business-like experience. Your input ability to use domain-specific knowledge in designing/planning activities ability to transform ...continue reading

5 Jun

Ropardo Activates Digital Transformation @ CeBIT Germany

Ropardo has activated all gears to showcase bright ideas for the digitization of business and society on June 11-15 for CeBIT Hannover – Germany. With over 5 years invested in the eHealth area, ROPARDO brings out ROHEALTH – newest customizable ...continue reading

24 May

Ropardo leaves traces at Sibiu Marathon

Post-event update Acting as a team, as we always do, our 11 passionate runners together covered 76 km in almost a working day, more precisely 7 hours 12 minutes and 43 seconds, and 2 days of muscle soreness. 🙂 We ...continue reading

25 May

ROPARDO Welcomes Talents in Software at HSE

Organized by the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering within the “Lucian Blaga” University, the ”Hardware and Software Engineering” contest gathers on May 25th 2018 enthusiastic IT high-schoolers and students. Each of the four sections represents a great opportunity ...continue reading

21 May

ROPARDO in the Final Round of European Business Awards Competition

After excitedly going through all the stages of the competition, from the company calls to “Ones to Watch” and further on to being a National Winner in our category – RSM Entrepreneur of the Year, we are now set to ...continue reading

15 May

Ropardo Exhibits eHealth Software Expertise at CeBIT Australia

First day at CeBIT Australia Australian Days of CeBIT are on. Our colleagues started their day early to be present at the opening of CeBIT event in Australia. ROPARDO will showcase ROHEALTH – our way to achieve a significant step ...continue reading

10 May

Infoliceanul – 25 years of passion and support for the IT community in Sibiu

Organized by “Avram Iancu” Technological High School in Sibiu and „Samuel von Brukenthal” High School in collaboration with ROPARDO and supported by the Ministry of National Education and the Education Inspectorate of Sibiu county, IT school contest “Infoliceanul” celebrated its ...continue reading

8 May

In Await of the European Business Awards Gala as National Winner

Our office is rustling with excitement in await of the European Business Awards Gala we are to participate at on May 23rd in Warsaw. ROPARDO attends the awards ceremony as National Winner at the RSM-Entrepreneur-of-the-Year category for the development of ...continue reading

26 Feb

Digital Solutions for the Future

Day 1 @ MWC We are at the Mobile World Congress, ready to showcase our digital #SolutionsfortheFuture. We will address technology trends, business concerns and opportunities with a range of tailored made IT solutions for enterprises of all kinds to ...continue reading

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