Brand-new Computer Lab Equipped for Students of Computers and Electric Engineering

The academic year 2018-2019 brings students in the Department of Computers and Electric Engineering of the Engineering Faculty within ”Lucian Blaga” University a newly equipped class room for them to be able to participate in laboratory classes in a pleasant manner.

Ropardo designed and implemented the class room setup so that students can work as a team, to enjoy modern work stations and a comfortable atmosphere

says Claudiu Zgripcea, Manager of Technology Competence Center.

The core of our commitment to the education and development of future generations of software engineers resides in our program “Ropardo Academy”. Build on the concept of “Learn-Experiment-Achieve”, Ropardo Academy trains students in senior faculty years, who have a passion for IT, by involving them directly in software development projects. For more information on Ropardo Academy, you are welcome to visit Ropardo Academy page.

It is part of our culture to invest in the community we work and live in and in its future. And where to do it better and with more purpose than in education? Our collaboration with ”Lucian Blaga” University is multilateral – it goes both chronologically and in the diversity of the projects we carry out together – from events dedicated to students to European research and development projects

says Ciprian Candea, CEO of Ropardo

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