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Hospital Management System


ArdoCARE is an easy-to-use, customizable EMR solution ensuring digital management of health data. It is built from the ground for a customer who practically needed a digital decision support system to simplify the medical team collaboration process and commit more to patient care. Ropardo, a passionate innovation investor, believed in their idea and put its software engineering know-how in the benefit of children with cardiac diseases and their health carriers by creating ArdoCARE.

  • helps manage the activity of running your hospital
  • easy to use, easy to setup, install and upgrade
  • great user experiences for physicians, hospital staff, admins
  • intelligent module-like system
  • GDPR-ready Hospital Information System
  • all in the benefit of empowered patients

We thus responded to our customer’s vision of digitalizing their hospital management system.

Quick Facts

Industry Healthcare
Client location Europe
Methodology Agile
Level of Services:
  • SOFTWARE CONSULTING: Requirements management, System analysis, Risk analysis, Process management
  • SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: Architecture design, Software development, Implementation, Software test, Project management
  • SERVICES: UX & strategy advisory, User training, software maintenance
  • TESTING & QA: Functional testing, Unit testing, Automated testing, Load/Performance testing, Static testing


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