Mobile Development

In an ever expanding Mobile apps world, enterprises need to make their businesses available on mobile and here at Ropardo we aim at providing full support in consulting, developing and maintaining the right Mobile Apps.
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Custom Software

Ropardo considers that understanding the realities within customer’s organization and offering the appropriate solutions for its real needs are the essential elements of any successful collaboration. That’s why our main strategy is communication.
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Keep IT Simple

That`s because nowadays customers need simple and attractive applications that are able to cover all the necessary functionalities, according to their daily tasks.
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With hundreds of projects delivered we have the expertise you are looking for. We deliver trust and successful software projects to customers from Germany, France, U. K., Italy, Holland, U.S. and Romania.
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Bring your talent, passion, and commitment among the minds of our team, all in the service of innovative solutions to reSET the world - keep IT simple!
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5 Years of Ropardo Academy

We are proud to announce that this year’s edition of ROPARDO Academy marks 5 years since launching...


We “breath” technology, our specialists are up to date with the latest developments in their field. Our expertise on leading platforms and technologies allows us to deliver the best solutions for your requirements. … Find out more

Ropardo Nearshore Service, Reengineering of ETL Product into J2EE.

The end customer requested the migration of an existing ETL application from Perl technology to J2EE technology.

Software consulting

custom software
As the industry-leading virtualization software company, we empower organizations to innovate and thrive by streamlining IT operations. More than 500,000 organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.As the …Find out more

Ropardo Off Shore Services, Project Review Software

Ropardo Off Shore Services, PReS – Project Review Software. Solution is created in order to help project managers and the organization...

Mobile development

In an ever expanding Mobile apps world, enterprises need to make their businesses available on mobile and here at Ropardo we aim at providing full support in consulting, developing and maintaining…Find out more


ROPARDO's Input at CeBIT 2015

These days the focus in innovation shifted to Hannover, Germany: five days (March 16th – 20th, 2015) of valuable opportunities to look towards a digital future in industry and every-day life. This year’s CeBIT is organized around the [...]


Day 4: Final day...but new resources to do great things in the time to come!

At the end of four challenging days, we can say we are richer in knowledge, ideas, plans, but also in vision and understanding. We have met valuable p [...]


With a fast pace of the industrial evolution, software development is the key to change the business model through a digitization of every day work and personal activities. Big Data, cloud computing, mobile access and social and secu [...]


We can truly refer to 2014 as a year of success in terms of team, services, and company development: 14% larger and more valuable team, 46% higher turnover, happy customers, successful projects, new expertise for the team, social commitm [...]

Ropardo Team Blessed with Christmas Carols

Doing Good for Goodness Sake is not a saying, is not an act of morality, but a feeling … One that you cannot describe in words but that you live with all your heart and makes you a better person!

Our colleagues were blessed to [...]


Always open to what is new and revolutionary, Ropardo SRL shares with its employees its involvement in applied research projects with international exposure in the context of using th [...]