ROPARDO - Leading Digital Innovation at FIT EDIH Workshops

Delving into the future of digitalization and innovation at the flagship FIT EDIH event

ROPARDO, a leader in innovative software solutions, is proud to announce its active participation in the FIT EDIH workshops, that will be held in Brașov from April 9th to 11th, 2021. We are honored to be a part of this prestigious event and will be available at Stand 12, Sala Dacia throughout the workshops.

The event serves as an outstanding platform for knowledge and experience exchange in the fields of digitalization, financing, and technological innovation.

Day 1 – April 9th: Opportunities and Efficiency through Industry 4.0 The first day focuses on digital transformation and efficient production, where ROPARDO will showcase its expertise through two essential presentations addressing digitizing work instructions in production and document management for organizational success.

Day 2 – April 10th: Innovation and Artificial Intelligence in SMEs Join us for an engaging session on how SMEs can harness artificial intelligence to enhance operational efficiency. We’ll explore concrete applications of AI in manual assembly processes and introduce participants to emerging technologies such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and GPT-4.

Day 3 – April 11th: Maximizing Productivity Through Digitalization

The final day of workshops centers on increasing productivity in the human resources domain. We’ll discuss innovative ways to encourage collaboration and efficient communication within organizations, showcasing the power of digitalization in creating an optimal work environment.

Discover the event agenda by accessing it here.

ROPARDO is excited to share its vision for the future of technology and collaborate with partners and clients to navigate the waves of digital innovation together. We invite you to join our experts in discovering new horizons in digitalization and discussing how our solutions can support growth and innovation in your business.


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