System for market analysis

“Ropardo proved seriousness and consciousness when accomplishing the objectives of the project, realizing this with highly professional specialists. Solution implemented successfully at key accounts: Audi AG and I&M AG.”
Michael Gammel, General Manager
MAFOTools gmbh

About MAFOTools gmbh

MAFOTools is a German private institute in Regensburg, specialized in software applications for market studies, necessary to each organization in order to develop an optimum marketing and production process.

About MAFOTools application
The solution implemented for MAFOTools is a system which assures a complete market analysis, delivering data related to the position of an organization on the market. By implementing the system we developed, organizations are sure to avoid expensive market analysis. Furthermore, the solution proposed by Ropardo offers the possibility to analyze the organizational systems in order to identify and prevent internal crises. The system is developed under Java platform, using latest client/server technologies, and runs on a wide variety of operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac.


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