Knowledge management and real estate web application

“Despite their complexity, the development activities planned together with Ropardo have been achieved within the deadline. We had no doubts that the technical solution was the optimum one to reach our strategic objectives and our expectations were successfully met. We were impressed by the neat results of our cooperation.

The system implemented has four modules, designed to ensure an essential positive transformation of the organization processes. The module designed to administrate the internal processes organizes the main activities in well-defined workflows.

The one designed to promote economic development defines the main aspects of the activities enabling an organized framework. The module designed to manage cooperation between ADETIM and other institutions increases the transparency in the activities of each department and ensures a more efficient communication.

The database module helps public local administrations to integrate their resources in an organized and transparent environment.”

Sergiu Balasa, Executive Director


The Agency for Local Economic Development of Timis County (ADETIM) is a public institution specialized in economic local development. It is an instrument of the local administration in charge with identifying economic development problems and adequate opportunities and methodologies for preventing and fixing the problems identified. The collaboration included software design and development according to the clients requirements, training and consultancy.

About the solution implemented

The solution implemented for ADETIM is a software application for document, project and knowledge management, which facilitates direct access, based on access levels, to all relevant information inside the organization, archived and updated.
The Ropardo team has designed configured and customized new modules according to ADETIM specific requirements. For this purpose, Ropardo analyzed the organization and its activities. Based on the results, we designed specific settings in order to allow an optimum exploitation of the solution: a Real Estate module: IMOtim, for managing the regional real estate offers for business development, and a Workflow module, which includes aspects related to Project Management, and integrated them in a single solution. Furthermore, Ropardo organized personnel training sessions and installed the software and hardware systems.

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