IoT-Enabled Smart Living Environments

IoT-Enabled Smart Living Environments

A smart living environment capable of evolving alongside its users. Not just technologically advanced but also intuitive and tailored to real-life needs.

About the Client

Sustained well-being and independent living for older adults - the NESTORE project

In the dynamic realm of smart living environments, our client stands out with their ambitious NESTORE project. The project embodies a vision to enhance the lives of older adults through customized coaching systems, leveraging ICT social connectivity for sustained well-being and independent living. With a keen eye on innovation, they aim to craft solutions that are not just technologically advanced but also intuitive and tailored to real-life needs.

NESTORE’s collaboration with Ropardo team reveals a dedication to integrating leading-edge platforms like universAAL or RoboFuse IoT, coupled with a commitment to harnessing Ropardo’s rich software engineering expertise.

The Need

The advent of the NESTORE project emerges from a critical societal need: to enhance the quality of life for the aging population. As individuals  age, the desire to maintain independence, health, and connectivity becomes paramount.

The challenge is twofold: creating an environment that not only supports wellness and autonomy but also does so by embracing the comforts and security of modern technology. There’s a pressing requirement for innovative solutions that can adapt to the unique needs of older adults, offering personalized, intuitive assistance. By integrating the universAAL or RoboFuse IoT platforms with Ropardo’s engineering expertise, we envision conceptualizing a smart living environment capable of evolving alongside its users.

This collaboration underscores a vision to transform homes into nurturing, intelligent spaces that respond proactively to the health and comfort needs of their inhabitants, promoting a sustained, independent lifestyle.


The Solution

A seamless fusion of hardware ingenuity and sophisticated software engineering

At its core, the system architecture pivots around a robust home automation hub that serves as the gateway, connecting an array of IoT devices through a secure, dedicated WiFi network. This network forms the backbone for real-time communication and control, ensuring that every command and sensor input is relayed with precision and reliability.

The IoT devices in this ecosystem are ingeniously equipped with sensors and actuators, governed by the IoT (universAAL or RoboFuse) platform’s principles. These devices engage in a dynamic dialogue with the Message Queue, subscribing to updates and commands, thus embodying a responsive and adaptive smart home environment.

With the universAAL or RoboFuse IoT platform, Ropardo harnesses the power of open standards, ensuring the system’s scalability and adaptability.

The home automation hub, powered by an embedded ARM Linux SBC with formidable computing capabilities, stands as the brain of the operation. It runs an intuitive Linux distribution, optimized for ARM SBCs, with a suite of IoT and universAAL or RoboFuse IoT -specific packages to enable a rich, responsive user experience.

The hub’s drivers for sensors and actuators, developed as universAAL/OSGi bundles, are the translators between the device language and the meaningful data used to make decisions.

Ropardo’s innovative solution extends beyond mere device interaction. With a strategic inclusion of the API module, the system embraces the REST/JSON architecture, offering a window into the system’s soul. 

Clients can observe and configure the smart environment through this interface, ensuring that the system is not just a set of devices but a holistic, intelligent entity that adapts and evolves with its user’s needs.

The expertise and creativity Ropardo brought to our project were pivotal in transforming our ambitious vision into a tangible reality. Their solution not only embraced our core mission of fostering independence among older adults but also exceeded our expectations in terms of adaptability and user-centric design. It's rare to find a partner so committed to excellence and so aligned with our values of innovation and quality. This partnership has been instrumental in making NESTORE a synonym for a futuristic, smart living environment.
Project Member

Key Benefits

Not just a technological triumph but a beacon of innovation, quality, and thoughtful design

The NESTORE project’s key benefits are manifold, epitomizing the creative and technological prowess Ropardo brings to the table.

Firstly, the system offers unparalleled user empowerment. By integrating IoT with the universAAL platform, it grants older adults control over their environment, reinforcing their autonomy and well-being.

Secondly, the platform’s openness and modularity ensure future proofing. As technologies evolve, so can the NESTORE ecosystem, adapting new devices and functionalities without upheaval.

Thirdly, Ropardo’s solution emphasizes timely delivery and high quality. By employing a Linux-based hub and a well-architected IoT framework, the system guarantees robust performance, stability, and quick, seamless integration of updates and enhancements.

In essence, the NESTORE project is not just a technological triumph but a beacon of innovation, quality, and thoughtful design, reflective of Ropardo’s core values and technical expertise.

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