• Ropardo supports those events / projects that generate a direct and positive impact on its strategic objectives, or which can help the company fulfill those objectives in an efficient and efficacious manner.
  • Taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology we have access to, ROPARDO will take part at the development of the local community.
  • ROPARDO acts in accordance with business ethical standards.
  • ROPARDO always has in mind its responsibility towards customers and partners on the one hand, and towards its employees on the other.
  • ROPARDO does not support actions that are likely to generate discrimination.
  • The partnership proposals forwarded to ROPARDO will correspond to its long term mission, activities and objectives. The main areas considered by our company are: education (personal and professional development of young people), community (social and cultural issues).

Ropardo Engineering Lab

Ropardo-Software-Engineering-Lab Our commitment to building the future generation of software engineers, centralized around Ropardo Academy, takes a natural step forward. Starting the 2018 academic year, students in the Faculty of Engineering enjoy their computer lab classes in a modernly equipped room. We invested in this to make them feel and act comfortable and also get familiar to an office like, professional, yet friendly setting.

Sibiu Marathon

we_run_for_life ROPARDO team engages in the biggest philanthropic sporting event in Romania: Sibiu Marathon. We act as a team and get inspiration from the energy and enthusiasm of the event, embracing this chance to actively support the community.
Since 2016 we have rolled in for various causes in health and education. Check here our latest achievements!

Infoliceanul – “The teenager of the XXI century”

infoliceanul2008 With a history dating back in 1993, ‘Infoliceanul’ is the first IT contest organized in Sibiu and it is designed to encourage new-generation students to develop original software solutions and engage in IT research at high school level. Each year ROPARDO actively supports this event, not only financially but also with know-how. Echoes about our involvement in this contest have appeared on the largest sites of social responsibility. For more details, we welcome you on!

Researchers’ Night

research_night1ROPARDO engages every September with full strength and resources in the event Researchers’ Night, offering people an interesting insight into the scientific activities of researchers.
With demonstrations of applications developed by ROPARDO Research & Innovation Center (Robo Mate, ZivaCare and Fit4Future apps), we enabled visitors of all ages to get familiar with a series of future-proof technologies and concepts through Augmented Reality simulations on various applications on smart devices like the Moverio Glasses.

IT-HSE projects students contest

hse2008 ROPARDO has supported the contest “Hardware & Software Engineering” since 2008 mainly because our company and the contest have common values: innovation and initiative.
The contest is made of four sections: two for students – Hardware, Software, and two for high school – Software, Electronics. Participants enter the sections with projects they created individually or in groups. They are evaluated by a committee of professors and awarded three main prizes and three mentions.

Model Plane Club

ropardo_sustine_concursul-aeromodele The model plane section within Children’s Club Sibiu is the place for dreamers who think the sky is the limit. They are children who build a model plane in 4 – 5 months with a lot of patience and meticulousness.
Our company has supported the National Contest of Model Air Rockets organized at Saliste, Romania for more than 20 years. When the local model plane team qualified for the European Model Plane Indoor Championship, F1D organized in Belgrade, Serbia in August 2009, Ropardo was there to support and encourage them.


Ropardo Our company has developed projects centered on collaborations with educational institutions: high schools and universities. One of the programs ROPARDO participated to is INFOSOC, a Romanian project – component of The National Research and Development Plan – development and innovation for 2001-2005. In this project, ROPARDO partnered with “Lucian Blaga” University and developed eUniv project, whose finality consisted in implementing a management solution in the academic environment. The project was a success and our solution is up and running. Learn more… (pdf format)

The Leader says


Ropardo is an active player in the community because we feel the desire to give something back to the society, to be a little part of an engine that moves things forward. Our focus is on personal and professional development, most of all. We take great pride in being path breakers for high school and university students. Our moment of glory is when we get to see what they create, knowing that we have contributed. And, of course, we often reap the benefits of our positive actions.”

Gabriela Candea, Research Project Manager


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