Behind Happy Numbers There Are Happy People - A Story of 2015

We at Ropardo totally agree with Simon Sinek saying that “people are always more important than numbers. Happy people make happy numbers… which make even more people happy.” With their effort, commitment and talent, happy people at ROPARDO contributed to the 24% turnover growth while the team added 20% more ‘happy people’ and expect to say the same next year. Then again are the happy customers for whom we delivered value.

ROPARDO – Software Engineering. We have delivered for worldwide customers “zero to hero” software solutions developed from scratch, leading it through all phases of

sample-10-right software product development life cycle: Software Consulting, Software Development, Software Services, QA & Testing.

Our “hero” application is based on both consulting expertise and technical excellence. ROPARDO consulting expertise starts with a multidisciplinary team to deal with requirements, system analysis, risk analysis, architecture design, proof of concept, Agile process management.

Technical excellence is rendered by human skills employed made the difference in mastering cutting edge JavaScript responsive frameworks. The API development, on the other hand, makes the difference to have a successful, perfectly working full system.

We Integrate Things – ROPARDO IoT. The ZivaCare body/health parameter monitoring system is the core of PEGASO. The ZivaCare body/health parameter monitoring system

iot testis the core of PEGASO. Following the IoT model, ZivaCare provides a secure Cloud environment to gather, store, and exploit body/health data. Beside Cloud, ZivaCare is made of mobile applications and the web portal for users’ data analysis and intelligence. The users are free to use any smart/wearable devices (pedometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, weight scales) to gather body/health data. From this point on, the data collected is used in a variety of purposes: be prepared for emergencies, stay fit, manage specific health conditions.

ROPARDO Research&Innovation Center. The Research&Innovation Center contributed its share to a happy year at ROPARDO. The Research&Innovation Center contributed

sample-11-right its share to a happy year at ROPARDO. It has continued to engage in research and development projects, being selected as the expert with the necessary skills and resources to implement innovative solutions in the public sector and various industries. eHealth is a consolidated area of expertise for R&I Center having successfully developed a series of results (algorithms, architectures) to serve health purposes in various life areas: work, physical activities, fun. The activity of the center will continue with the full area of research competences: intelligent agents, information retrieval and data management, knowledge-based systems, production planning and optimization / logistics, decision support systems. You can find more details on the R&I activity here.

People come first. ROPARDO Academy Program marked five years of existence in 2015 with 90% of this year pool of students continuing their career in the company after

r5-3 graduating the program with success. Their Project One was the particular result of their junior work within this year program, with significant chances to be implemented as HR application.

Summer practice is another of our good habits in the service of students who want to make a difference in their studies and careers. This year surprise was to have one of the interns from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology in Bucharest. Also dedicated to young generations of developers, the ‘Infoliceanul’ contest brought to light high-school talents that we are looking forward to have in the team some years from now.

Last, but never least. Success was checked on several sides of the business, starting with the most important international IT fairs and events like the Mobile World Congress,

img_mobileCeBit, AppsWorld, IT&Business, CommunicAsia, mobile applications listed on AppStore (iXchange), or the 10-year celebration of win-win iFinance partnership with no.1 supplier in the bakery industry in the CENTRU development region.

We are proud to mention that our CEO, Ciprian Candea was named Vice President for International Relations within ANIS, sharing bags of experience on his first speeches in this quality at the Internet & Mobile World in Bucharest and Cyber Security in Sibiu, IT & Business Trade in Stuttgart.

With all of the above scheduled and checked in the agenda, we can say 2015 was a heaven of a year. And since we never stop, here is ROPARDO already prepared for 2016


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