Applied Research

SEA: Search Engine Agents


The Web is a disorganized place, and it is growing more disorganized every day. Even with the state-of-the-art indexing systems, web catalogs, and soft-bots, World-Wide Web users are finding it increasingly difficult to gather information relevant to their interests without considerable and often fruitless searching. Following an agent-oriented approach, the research in this paper aims at addressing such circumstances in a more comprehensive framework, able to extend our results to other interrelated challenges. Usually settled in the information retrieval (IR) research field, as a continuously confrontation with today’s globalization trends, some relevant issues together with some effective methods to address them are identified and discussed. How our application will tackle them, is the main question that this paper will trying to answer.


  • C-tin B. Zamfirescu
  • Marius Staicu
  • Mihai Luca

Publication type

Conference Paper

Published in

Proceedings of the 4th IEEE International conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems




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