Applied Research

Workflow-Based Decision Support for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


To achieve high quality designs, processes, and services that meet or exceed industry standards, it is crucial to identify all potential failures throughout a system and work to minimize or prevent their occurrence or effects. This paper presents an innovative approach to Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) that uses a Decision Support System (DSS) for supporting the FMEA processes. The DSS is powered by a workflow engine that guides the users through the processes by considering standard work templates or previous similar cases. It is also built as a framework for decision support tools so, beside its default one, different FMEA work instruments can be plugged-in and used throughout a workflow instance by exchanging results in a common data format. Collaboration is assured by the systems web-based interface that supports multiple users from anywhere, at any time.


  • Ciprian Candea
  • Alexandru Georgescu
  • Claudiu Kifor
  • Gabriela Candea

Publication type

Conference Paper

Published in

Proceedings of the The 12th LSS Symposium




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