Applied Research

Towards Intelligent Collaborative Decision Support Platforms


The paper is about the use of new concepts and information technologies (IT) in the field of computer supported group decision-making. iDS (intelligent DecisionSupport) , a practical IT platform that supports the activities in the group decision-making is used as a vehicle to illustrate the methodology and evolution of the solution adopted under the influence of new information technologies and practical applications. iDS has been designed and evolved to be useful, usable and used, by avoiding the need for complex training and preventing user rejection. It provides a collaborative working environment where group members can create and attend different types of decision sessions, named ‘work sessions’. The iDS platform covers collaborative and group decision sessions, as well as individual decision sessions in a way that users on each decision stage are free to collaborate with other users.


  • Ciprian Candea
  • Florin Gheorghe Filip

Publication type

Journal Article

Published in

Studies in Informatics and Control




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