Applied Research

Towards an Assistive System for Human - Exoskeleton Interaction


The interaction between a human operator and a machine is done through a Human Machine Interface. Nowadays many kinds of Human Machine Interfaces, for different types of machines, are available. Typically, visual, auditory and tactile human senses are used to connect the human to the machine. Even Brain-Computer Interfaces are developed, making this research field of high interest.

In this paper we focus on the interaction between a human operator and an exoskeleton for addressing industrial needs. An assistive system for such an interaction is presented. Using a smartphone and interactive glasses, the presented system improves the human experience by offering easy control, personalization and monitoring for the exoskeleton. With this system, for steepening the learning curve, training materials are at a glance. Their purpose is to help the human to learn faster how to operate the exoskeleton and how to benefit from it.


  • Ciprian Radu
  • Ciprian Candea
  • Gabriela Candea

Publication type

Conference Paper

Published in

Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on PErvasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments






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