Applied Research

On Integrating Agents into GDSS


By nature, group decision cases present an immense diversity of goals, tasks, applicable processes and factors affecting them. The rigidity and limited scope of many decision models rise several critics from the practical perspective of GDSS. In this paper, an integrated agent-based model for GDSS will be proposed and discussed as a complementary approach to undertake these problems. Supporting explicit representation of the decision-makers role, the procedural and contextual settings along with the group commitment to share a plan of actions as a way to achieve a common goal, results in improved capabilities, range and flexibility of GDSS.


  • C-tin B. Zamfirescu
  • Ciprian Candea
  • Mihai Luca

Publication type


Published in

Preprints of the 9th IFAC / IFORS / IMACS / IFIP/ Symposium on Large Scale Systems: Theory and Applications.


ICI Press




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