Applied Research

iGDSS – Software Framework for Group Decision Support Systems


This paper emphasizes an innovative approach within the area of Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) by using tools based on intelligent agents. It introduces a software platform for business process management, electronic decision support and collaboration implemented within a EU co-founded project (FP6-DiFac) and a national one (research of excellence-CEEX). On a technical level iGDSS focuses on developing a conceptual tool were any other third part can contribute with creative ideas for modeling the decision process. It also focuses on designing and developing an innovative method for distributed collaboration, and realizing a working methodology using a software platform for group decision assistance.
On a social level, it refers to increasing transparency, creativity and democratization of the decision-making process by means of selecting participants to this kind of processes, delocalization and decentralization.


  • Alexandru V. Georgescu
  • Ciprian Candea
  • C-tin B. Zamfirescu

Publication type

Conference Paper

Published in

Proceedings of The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected Conference, The User and Future of Information and Communication Technologies




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