Applied Research

Holon-Like Approach for Robotic Soccer


The concept of “holon” coming for the industry (intelligent manufacturing systems) has been proved to be very successful in increasing the flexibility of decisional systems. While MAS (multi-agent system) are already largely applied in such systems, in this context, simulated soccer (RoboCup environment) becomes a test bench for further challenges. The paper describes a generic architecture for a RoboCup team with four holon types situated on three levels and based on the MAS architecture implemented in 1999 for the team that took part at the RoboCup 1999 competition in Stockholm. This architecture tries to combine synergistically the characteristics of both domains: MAS and HMS.


  • Ciprian Candea
  • Marius Staicu
  • Boldur Barbat

Publication type


Published in

Proceedings of the RoboCup European Workshop




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