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“Hi This Is NESTORE, Your Personal Assistant”: Design of an Integrated IoT System for a Personalized Coach for Healthy Aging


The NESTORE project was recently funded by the EU Commission with the aim of supporting healthy older people to sustain their well-being and capacity to live independently.

It is based on a multi-dimensional model of the healthy aging process that covers physical activity, nutrition, cognition, and social activity. NESTORE is based on the paradigm of the human-in-the-loop cyber-physical system that, exploiting the availability of Internet of Things technologies combined with analytics in the cloud, provides a virtual coaching system to support healthy aging. This work describes the design of the NESTORE methodology and its IoT architecture.

The NESTORE architecture supports different types of IoT devices that can connect and push data into the cloud, from Sensors to Applications. Security methods are implemented from the devices to the cloud. Features such as authentication, encryption, and authorization are part of the solution stack.


  • Filippo Palumbo
  • Antonino Crivello
  • Francesco Furfari
  • Michele Girolami
  • Alfonso Mastropietro
  • Giorgio Manferdelli
  • Christina Röcke
  • Sabrina Guye
  • Antoni Salvá Casanovas
  • Maurizio Caon
  • Francesco Carrino
  • Omar Abou Khaled
  • Elena Mugellini
  • Enrico Denna
  • Marco Mauri
  • David Ward
  • Paula Subías-Beltrán
  • Silvia Orte
  • Ciprian Candea
  • Gabriela Candea
  • Giovanna Rizzo

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Published in

Frontiers in Digital Health




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