ROPARDO @ Innovation forum & COMNEXT in Tokyo

Innovation Forum & COMNEXT in Tokyo, Japan

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You name it, we create it! Take advantage of our technological and industry know-how  we use to build the type of portal solution your business needs to:



Unlock business potential with our custom IoT solutions. From conception to execution, we tailor solutions to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and unlock possibilities.

Our scalable, secure, and reliable solutions align with your objectives, propelling you into the digital age.



Unlock the potential of your business with our ready-to-use IoT solutions!

Our expertise empowers you with heightened efficiency and exciting new opportunities. From smart sensors to powerful data analytics, we provide scalable, secure, and reliable solutions tailored to meet your objectives. 

Intranets for collaborative teams

Looking for a modern, unified platform to keep your organization productive and connected? Ropardo's modern intranet solution is the perfect choice.

Self-service customer portals

Do you want to respond to the demands of modern customers? Our customer portal solution can help you deliver personalized, self-service experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

Extranets for strong partnerships

Need to create a center for collaboration, support, and growth with your partners? Our partner portal solution is the perfect platform to simplify complexity and drive success.

e-Commerce Platforms

Ready to grow revenue, simplify buying, and encourage repeated orders? Ropardo's digital commerce solution will make it easy for your customers to do business with you.


Custom Portal & IoT Solutions

We connect Data, People, Processes under one custom portal solution developed for your unique organization.

We have the technological and industry know-how to build the type of portal solution your business needs to: streamline operations, strengthen customer and partner relationship, boost productivity, optimize costs, enrich user experience with one point of access to endless resources.

Transforming Business Efficiency with AI-Enhanced Analytics and Counting Solutions

Regardless of your industry, our goal is to enhance your operational efficiency and profitability while simultaneously lowering your operational and energy expenses.

IoT-Enabled Smart Living Environments

A solution to transform homes into nurturing, intelligent spaces that respond proactively to the health and comfort needs of their inhabitants, promoting a sustained, independent lifestyle.

B2B eCommerce Platform

Your salesperson available 24/7 for business growth in distribution and production industries by automating order placement and streamlining sales representatives’ work.

Self service portal for utilities

Self-Service Customer Portal

A solution for suppliers to simplify onboarding of new customers and solve issues fast and with zero frustration.

Ready for digital transformation?

Share your plans with Ciprian; he'll guide you in simplifying complexity and driving business success.


Ready-to-use IoT Solutions

Collaborative Team Workspace Platform

A mature collaborative platform, equipped with powerful features to enhance collaborative work within organizations, project teams, and partnerships, wherever the client wants – in the cloud or on premises.

Designed for teams

The right mix of intuitive features, flexibility, and usability for improved collaboration and productivity.

High-end security

Security is included in our entire software development process for a safe, reliable, and compliant environment for all your data.

Flexible support

Whatever the issue may be, we can provide the solutions you need, when you need them.

Detailed user guide

Take advantage of all the functionalities for improved team collaboration and project success.

Spectro:o - AI-Enhanced Digital Signage

Elevate audience engagement with Spectroo's AI-driven Digital Signage, harnessing real-time analytics and adaptive content for impactful visual communication. Experience tailored advertising powered by computer vision, all processed securely at the edge, ensuring data privacy.

Audience Insight Capture

Employ video cameras to gauge viewer numbers and demographics, enhancing targeted marketing efforts.

Context-Responsive Advertising

Leverage AI decision support to dynamically alter displayed ads, optimizing relevance and viewer appeal.

Privacy-First Analytics

Advanced AI and edge computing analyze data without cloud storage, prioritizing user privacy.

Intelligent Scheduling

Schedule content smartly with AI predictions based on viewer trends, maximizing engagement and ROI.


Ropardo @ Embedded World in Pictures

AI-enhanced Digital Signage for your business?

Schedule a demo with Marius, and he'll lead you in leveraging real-time analytics and adaptive content for impactful visual communication.

Innovation Forum & COMNEXT 2024

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