Once upon a Researchers' Night

Second year in a row, our company embraces Researchers’ Night event and participates with full strength and resources to offer people an interesting insight into the scientific activities of researchers in general and ours in particular.

Team Ropardo at Researchers' Night 2015September 25th was a day crowded with presentations, engaging discussions, impressive experiments. Involved to equal extent in community development and applied research, we included in the topics list our top projects:

  • Robo-Mate: the intelligent exoskeleton based on human-robot interaction for manipulation of heavy goods in Europe’s factories of the future
  • ZivaCare: the body monitoring solution for a healthy life
  • Fit4future: personalised guidance applications for optimizing teenagers’ lifestyle

Since the audience for the event included children and teenagers, we prepared a programming contest challenging them to set the Mindstorm robot to make a given route or create their own. They were marked and awarded, but more important, they had a great time and so did we.

Augmented Reality was another focus of our demonstrations. We enabled visitors experience processes that are explored in industry, medicine through simulations on various applications on smart devices like the Moverio Glasses.

Software for smart glasses Mindstorm programming

Innovation was, as expected, the word of the day and organizers and exhibitors altogether enthusiastically engaged their know-how into making the public aware of the importance of research projects whose ultimate goal is to make everybody’s life easier to feel and happier to live… all that science-driven.

See event last year Researcher’s Night 2014.


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