5 Years of Ropardo Academy

We are proud to announce that this year’s edition of ROPARDO Academy marks 5 years since launching.

foto academyGuided around the motto Learn-Experiment-Achieve, ROPARDO Academy program was born from the idea of shaping young IT passionates into reliable professionals, idea which has integrated perfectly in our culture. With it we meant to create real opportunities for young graduates or students in the final years of study to grab their career start.

Applications are collected all around the year, selections are made, successful applicants have the chance to visit the premises and … spring is the perfect time for a fresh start. Students admitted in the Academy receive logistical resources from the company and know-how support from our experienced professionals who are always there for their younger colleagues. Thus, they can do their job in a both friendly and professional environment. They are trained in a specialization they are interested in, choosing from a range available. After their practice comes to an end it’s nothing more but a new beginning: if they graduate and have proved to do valuable work for the company, they are offered a full time job.

This year we have 4 students selected that will have become junior software developers by the time they graduated, adding up to the other 26 we helped and witnessed learning, experimenting and, in the end, achieving.

If you want to learn more or book your seat for the forthcoming editions, see



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