Ropardo Supports Digitalization of SMEs @ The Big Tomorrow Event

The future means transformation, and for businesses, technology offers countless development opportunities. But it is important to understand what solutions are right for each business.

To showcase how web and enterprise portals are a digital solution at hand for SMEs to lock their success up, we took our expertise in web development at the event The Big Tomorrow. The event was organized by Vodafone Business and Agentia pentru Devoltare Regională Centru (Regional Development Agency – Centru) on July 1, 2021 and aims at helping SMEs understand the digital opportunities they have and offering support for investments in digitalization.

Speakers with worldwide experience in digitalizing business processes explain about accessible technology and how SMEs can innovate for business efficiency. Among them, Marius Pătroi, representing Ropardo as long-term partner in digital transformation.

Marius introduced customizable web and enterprise portals as an opportunity for SMEs to gain competitive advantage by implementing their unique digital solutions. He also explained how important it is to drive towards digitalization with the right provider by your side. Expertise in digital transformation using software products ensures the right choice of technology, short implementation time, and reliable support.


  • TeamSpace – a digital space for teams to be able to work from anywhere as if in the same place, collaborate securely on the same projects, share documents and knowledge. What is more, the whole know-how stays in the company and can be easily transmitted to next teams or new employees. Learn more
  • Customer self-service portals that transforms customer support departments into digital platforms equipped with intuitive features that lets your clients solve issues fast, pay, get information and submit requests. Learn more
  • Spectro:o digital signage application that decreases significantly all the time, effort and costs invested in creating, testing, correcting and (re) printing content and offers instead an intuitive solution that allows managing and distributing visual content on an unlimited number of screens from one web platform. Learn more
Digital Solutions for SMEs

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