Industrial Digitalization - Our Takeaways after One-Week Participation at Hannover Messe

Software technology adoption is where digital transformation of industry begins. We say it loud and clear not only because software development is our area of expertise but because the world is moving in a digital direction. And as a software development company, we are excited to be contributors to the digital transformation of small, mid-sized and large companies operating their business in a wide area of industries.

Participating at Hannover Messe on 17-21 April 2023 offered us a great opportunity to convince such businesses to take the necessary leap to revolutionize their digital presence by adopting our versatile and innovative portal solutions: e-commerce b2b platform, intranet, extranets, digital signage, partner portal, self-service customer platforms.

Our colleagues Ciprian and Marius brought back valuable insight from Hannover Messe and are happy to share it with us all.

1. We are participating at international events to showcase our future-proof solutions but also to get inspiration and improve our services. How was Hannover Messe different for Ropardo from other events?
Marius: Ropardo has clients and long-term collaborations in Germany and, in this sense, Hannover Messe is a special event for us. It is a market we know very well and thus we interact naturally with prospective clients or business partners, we understand their needs plainly. Hannover Messe was a great opportunity for us to answer their questions and requirements in the matter of resources dedicated to software development projects.
Ciprian: At Messe, people from the same industry or adjacent industries get an opportunity to interact authentically and lay the foundations for future solid business relationships.

2. Industrial digitalization was the buzzword for the event. How was it pictured among the exhibitors?
Marius : Robots, industrial installations, and small use-cases presented by exhibitors through which they showed how their products can be implemented in industry, and can make the transition to a digital industry easier.
Ciprian: Robots everywhere, including software robots, serving industries from energy to manufacturing and services. Industrial transformation is nothing without digitalization so services like software engineering were present. This made the event just the place for us to showcase our expertise.

3. How do Ropardo’s software development services contribute to the digital transformation the industry is currently surfing?
Ciprian: Our experience in developing software solutions for the industry goes back more than 20 years. We can say we have contributed to all phases of the history in the making of digital factories: from human machine interfaces to industry 4.0., digital twin technology, and further to integration with IoT.
Marius: And now our focus is on digitalization through portal solutions. Ropardo is the right partner for any company that wants to innovate internal processes and implement an impactful digital transformation in the organization through personalized B2C, B2B, and B2E experiences that streamline operations and strengthen relationships.

4. You interacted with many visitors at our stand. What was their general opinion on industrial transformation and digitalization?
Marius: Industry 4.0 has started, it is here, it is being implemented and those who do not adopt and implement digital transformation solutions will sooner or later go out of business. The importance of documenting processes or aggregating production data is vital for any organization that wants to exist on the market in the next 10-20 years.

5. We displayed our portal development solutions at Messe: intranets, extranets, digital signage, e-commerce platforms, self-service applications. What type of portal were visitors most interested in and what for?
Ciprian: Each solution found its audience. There were straightforward requests for the digitalization of the sales processes or team collaboration solutions. And there were also extended requests for complex portals that integrate intranet, extranets and self-service platforms. Such complex solutions that we develop have the power to interconnect all the departments in an organization and even external partners. Among the ready-to-use solutions, digital signage presented the highest interest especially for the retail and manufacturing industries.

6. We participated at Messe, as a member of the RomaniaIT party together with Spectro:o, our partner in digital signage. How does the Romanian technological landscape look like when displayed on the European technological market?
Marius: Romania is seen as a digital hub, with accommodating resources and high quality deliverables, which is why companies that wanted resources visited our stand, including Romanians who worked at Amazon or Sony came to talk with us and understand how we can build business ties in the future. In conclusion, capable people and quality deliverables at a suitable price.

7. What is the greatest value, in your opinion, the event brought to the company, and by extension to our clients, as part of our business ecosystem?
Marius: It definitely brought an increase in brand awareness and visibility. It also helped meet new connections, identify new collaboration opportunities, and extend our business network. Also, it offered the chance to meet again with and consolidate relations with existing clients.
Ciprian: I would like to add that Ropardo solutions have been validated by potential clients as responding to their business needs, for example custom software development services or ready to use software solutions. The immediate win was long-term contracts for outsourcing and several other discussions initiated in digital transformation solutions.
Marius: Yes, we were happy that Ropardo was a familiar name for companies looking for software outsourcing. We discussed the right resources for their needs. Other companies operating in industrial fields wanted to understand what we do and we showcased how software and digitalization can transform their business for the better.

Chapeau to you, guys, for another successful event!



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