explicanto and Oracle present "Elearning in the company context"

Wittmann&Partner organizes in partnership with Oracle Romania the seminar “Elearning in the company context” on May 10, in Bucharest.
The meeting is dedicated to large Romanian companies for which personnel training is a critical business process. The objective of the seminar is presenting and debating elearning systems within the organisation.
The main uses for training through elearning are:
– training of the delocalized sales force and technical maintenance personnel
– systematic personnel training regarding organizational standards and procedures.
Among the challenges launched at the seminar we mention: Do you need elearning? How can you prepare the elearning process? How can you evaluate the benefits of an organizational elearning system? What are the pitfalls of elearning systems?

About the software solutions 
explicanto is a software application especially dedicated to the organizational environment, which covers all stages of the training process from the creation of elearning courses to distribution and collection of feedback. explicanto recommends running on Oracle database.
explicanto and related services: creation of elearning content, customizing, implementing, training and maintenance are offered in Romania by Wittmann&Partner.

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