19.06.2006 TraSer: Identity-Based Tracking and Web-Services for SMEs

The 1st of June marks the beginning of a new EU co-funded project for Wittmann & Partner. It is a 3-year Specific Targeted Research Project under Priority 2 ICT for networked Businesses (FP6, Call 5), co-ordinated by SZTAKI (Computer and Automation Research Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences).

The TraSer project will develop, test, and document innovative ICT-enabled web-services and logistics solutions for changing environments, such as supply-chains, service operations and project delivery networks. This will be done by linking the electronic identity of products and product representations to identity specific tracking and related web services. The research and development effort will result in a TraSer open source community. It will provide information on standards and recommended design patterns, that when followed, make individually developed SME applications interchangeable and possible to use temporarily or in parallel without efficiency loss in the operations of logistics service providers and other companies handling products and product data.


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