05.07.2006 CEEX 2006 e-EdU-Quality: Quality Management System in Higher Education based on knowledge and learning informatic tools

The Ministry of Education and Research announced the final results for Module 1 Research of Excellence Programme 2006.

The proposal submitted by Wittmann&Partner, having as a coordinator Lucian Blaga University scored 93.67 out of 100 points, being approved for financing.

The project will contribute to the realization of an efficacious and efficient quality management system in higher education institutions, in order to enhance the creation of an administrative and academic environment compatible with the international regulations. While supporting equal participation to informational society for all the actors involved in the educational process, its finality consists in the creation of a culture which spreads the information from the top level of the organization, in the equality of chances and trust in the force of individual synergies, in the development, integration and consolidation of a research network in the area of knowledge based systems, with an emphasis on the quality management in higher education and the network integration in the specific platform at a European level.

The present initiative represents a sequel of a previous project called eUniv eBusiness solution for university academic environment financed within INFOSOC programme, in which our company was the Universitys main partner as well.


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