MEDICA - where the medical world meets ArdoCARE

The medical world meets at MEDICA on Nov. 18-21 in Dusseldorf to witness most recent innovations in health and medical fields.

And since healthcare and innovation are two of our favorite areas for which we engineer software, ROPARDO will be there to showcase ArdoCARE.

Basically ArdoCARE is a complex software for management of hospital operations. Yet, its modularity allows it to be implemented or added on a wide range of medical businesses from individual medical practices to clinics and large hospitals.

The main problem that ArdoCARE solves is to reduce the amount of paperwork for the medical staff and shorten the waiting time for patients.

The latest module developed and integrated in ArdoCARE by our team of specialized software engineers is the platform for medical practices to offer second opinion services online.

We’ll be in Hall 15 willing to give you plenty of details. Keep close!

EMR Solutions

Success Story in Digital Healthcare


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