Countdown Starts for MVP Lab at European Business Awards Gala

The clock is ticking and soon will strike December 6, the day when we will check in at the European Business Awards Gala, in Warsaw, Poland where our MVP Lab has entered the final round as National winner in the ‘Award for Innovation’ category.

National Winner European Business Awards 2019

ROPARDO created MVP Lab for Minimum Viable Product Development as it is in our culture to develop smart. Trust is the core of the value-added services we offer our customers allowing them to invest smart.

With Ropardo MVP Lab, our partners have the possibility to develop their solution step by step, from concept to a minimum viable product to avoid risks, test the market readiness and responsiveness. Testing the market demand before releasing the fully developed product is the key purpose of developing an MVP. The market reaction tells customers if it is worth expanding their start-up or just stop. This saves them money, time and effort. It also helps shape the value proposition of your products. When the MVP meets all criteria to be launched on the market, we are also ready to make it a hero product. This is the main reasoning behind ROPARDO MVP LAB.

Learn more on the benefits of starting to build your hero product from a minimum viable product


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