Ropardo @ MWC 2016

Day 4: MWC is for innovation, so here’s ours!

‘Ropardo Research and Innovation Center’ is a key factor for our company being selected as the expert with the necessary skills and resources to implement innovative solutions in the public sector and various industries.

Picture2.pngOne of its results is RobotHMI (Human Machine Interface), an assistive system ensuring the interaction between a human operator and a machine (exoskeleton). Integrating the industrial grade smartphone and interactive glasses (Augmented Reality), the system improves the human experience by offering easy control, personalization and monitoring for the machine (exoskeleton). For steepening the learning curve, RobotHMI training materials are at a glance to help the human to learn faster how to operate the machine (exoskeleton).

The system is supported by a user-friendly web application and Cloud-based backend serving to manage the exoskeletons as assets, store acquired data for monitoring and historical purposes, and manage training materials.

RobotHMI brings value to the „Robo-Mate exoskeleton”, a user-friendly intelligent wearable human-robotic machine for manual handling work in different industries: automotive (Compa), logistics, disassembly (Indra).

Day 3: Health is first!

Among top healthcare challenges in Europe, obesity alone accounts for up to 7% of relative costs. Occurred in younger age, it is an alarming predictor for adulthood obesity, or entails short term health complications in juvenile age and increases risk of social and psychological problems. With ZivaCare ( Ropardo responds directly to this current need.


Following the IoT model, ZivaCare provides a secure Cloud environment to gather, store, and exploit body/health data. Beside Cloud, ZivaCare is made of mobile applications and the web portal for users’ data analysis and intelligence. The users are free to use any smart/wearable devices (pedometers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, weight scales) to gather body/health data. From this point on, the data collected is used in a variety of purposes: be prepared for emergencies, stay fit, manage specific health conditions.

Day 2: Mobile applications to Keep IT simple!

20160223054247We already do so many things with a mobile app and we can see how our lives get easier do deal with and happier to live. Ropardo develops mobile apps for efficient business processes, but also for a better life.

Our innovative solutions have applicability in manufacturing, tourism, health&fitness, automotive, financial & bankig services.

Check on a few examples:, iXchange, iMemo.

IMG-20160222-WA0006Day 1: ROPARDO team is here for the big start!

Today started the most waited event in the mobile industry, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, gathering whole four days of innovations from leaders and visionaries.

Ropardo presence as an exhibitor at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is already a tradition. Our team is at Stand 6H40 in Hall 6 with a full agenda and ready to share knowledge about the ultimate human-machine interface – RobotHMI, an assistive system ensuring the interaction between a human operator and a machine with applications in automotive, logistics or disassembly.

Stay close! We’ll share more insight tomorrow!


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