May 2004

Project Review System (PReS) is now available…

Wittmann & Partner was one of the first Romanian software development companies who started to develop corporate solutions using newest technology for market, .Net. Based on this we can provide top solutions for your projects by using nearly 2 years of experience.
The Project Review System (PReS) is designed to be used by the project managers and the organizational executives to track the projects management evolution in time and detect the issues as soon as possible. The costs needed to fix the problems will be reduced and the probability of a successful end will increase. The resulting evaluations and graphics can be used to:

  • survey the project evolution
  • compute the project value determine if the project will finish or not inside the planned budgets of time and money and predict the project outcome (success, failure)
  • monitor project manager performances and abilities

The system is implemented using Microsoft? .NET platform and the Microsoft SQL Server?. The access is possible using a simple web browser, without the need to install additional software. The system can be used even by international organizations that have projects in several locations on the globe because it has support for international users: each user can choose the preferred language and all the interface and questionnaires will be displayed accordingly.


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