8.11.2007 RFID technology, focus of an European workshop in Sibiu


Today, November 8th 2007, the conference Identity-Based Tracking and Web-Services (TraSer) took place at the Continental Forum Hotel in Sibiu. The event is organized by the Sibiu-based software house Wittmann&Partner , as partner in the EU research project TraSer.

We had as guests and speakers Zoltan Torkos, Product/Business Development Leader from Innotec Magyar Kft and Zsolt Kemeny, representative of the Computer and Automation Research Institute from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The focus of discussions: RFID technology and business processes
RFID technology is complementary to bar code systems, combining the advantages of microchips and communication by radio frequency.

Sibiul was chosen as event site because it represents a powerful industrial pole. Thus, some of the most important companies in the region have taken an active interest in this subject: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein Compa, Elis Pavaje, Continental Automotive Systems, Scandia Romana SA, Kuhnke Production.
The presentations and discussions were focused on news, examples and demonstrations regarding the use of RFID technology and ERP solutions integrated with RFID for data and product tracking. Implementing this type of logistic systems in manufacturing, logistics or transportation companies is eligible for EU financing through structural funds.

About TraSer

TraSer is an EU FP6 funded project ( Information Society Technologies, ICT for Networked Businesses) with a development duration of 3 years (June 2006-May 2009). The technological objective is to understand how to integrate innovative product-centric solutions with existing transaction processing solutions, and how an open source application development platform can be effectively utilized by individual SMEs to develop network level services.


About Wittmann&Partner

Wittmann & Partner is a software company based in Sibiu. Our activity is focused on developing Internet, Intranet, mobile or client-server applications for Windows and Linux/Unix platforms for Romanian and EU clients.


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