8.10.2008 Echo concerning the support of the INFOLICEANUL 's contest from Wittmann & Partner

Out of the wish to be more than a simple actor in the business market we have enroled extra responsibility, concerning the sociable sfere and the community’s development.

Wittmann & Partner supports events/organizations that apply a direct and positive impact upon strategic objectives or that can help our company to fulfill those objectives in a very efficient manner. Speaking of this, Wittmann &Partner actively supports. every year the program Infoliceanul, from the year 2000. This programe represents in a district contest of computer science, where all the highschools from within the district participate.The contest,which is the oldest and the most elaborate from the district, stands for stimulating teenagers’ initiative in developing new innovative software solutions, encouraging young people in computer science research and recognizing the value of their projects.

The echos of implication of the company Wittmann& Partner in sustaining this contest appeared on the largest website of social responsability: ENGAGE.

ENGAGE is an international network of communication organizations which collaborate with the sole purpose of growing the quality and quantity of implicated employees in the local communities.More details


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