25.06.2007 New business partnership between Wittmann&Partner and Ropardo

Wittmann&Partner Sibiu has joined forces with Ropardo AG Leverkusen. Today, we represent software and IT consultancy group with over 4 million EUR turnover and over 55 employees.
The Wittmann&Partner shareholder structure is: 51% Ropardo AG, 49% Ciprian Cndea, CEO Wittmann&Partner. The new shareholder structure represents the premise of synergy and new business opportunities. Wittmann&Partner has presently a shares capital of over 100 000 EUR reflecting shareholders commitment and a solid contract guarantee.
The capital will be invested in sustaining a more active presence on the Romanian and EU market, developing Wittmann&Partner software products and consolidating the team. Wittmann&Partner maintains operational independence from Ropardo AG.

About Ropardo AG Ropardo AG specializes in IT services in the field of: project management, software development, outsourcing, business intelligence and data warehousing/mining.

About Wittmann&Partner
Wittmann&Partner is headquartered in Sibiu and specializes in development, implementing and maintenance of software solutions for the EU market. On the Romanian market, Wittmann&Partner offers consultancy and software solutions in: ERP, SFA, elearning, project management, document management and business intelligence.
Wittmann&Partner is an active participant in national and EU research projects such as: eCollaborative Decision, eEduQuality, DiFac, KoBas and Traser.


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