18.03.2008 ERP solutions from Wittmann & Partner


Wittmann & Partner, Oracle ERP Partner, supplier of ERP services and collaterally services, offer to small and medium enterprises ERP solutions adapted with their business requirements and a rapid access to non- reimbursable financial lines for implement these services. Thus, with the support of best consultants from financial domain, you can obtain until 55% from the total value of the project (projects that do not outrun 300.000 Euro), sums that can be backed from external sources.

Wittmann & Partner offer to their clients complete ERP solutions, inclusive the licensees and the associates services, the necessary hardware infrastructure, and the access to the financial sources for development of projects.

Wittmann & Partner, as a systems integrator independent of the platform, offer to their clients quality IT services, with reduced investments, through giving the discounts fro Oracle incenses and through the hosting of the software applications.

In order to evaluate the proposed solutions, before the take the acquisition decision, the attorney of the companies can participate, free of charge and at demand, to the workshops organized by our company and they can test hands-on these solutions. These workshops can be organized at the head quarter office of the clients interested in these solutions.



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